Tokyo Signs™

Products inspired by the streets of Tokyo

Tokyo streets are bursting with visual delights at every turn and Tokyo Signs™ is our place to gather them.

Our aim is to capture everything we encounter in the Japanese streetscape: roadmarks, signage, advertising, traffic signs, storefronts, sign boards, neon lights, street art and everything in-between.

We use those inspirations to create fresh graphics for products which are a tribute to Tokyo and its visual street culture.

Tokyo Signs - Products / clothes & Accessories

The Identity & Website

The Tokyo Signs logo takes cues from the glittering neon signs and the Kanji character for Tokyo (東京). Generally a thick line style and rasterized patterns are used for illustrations.

Tokyo Signs - Skyline Illustration

Our homepage resembles a short stroll in the a Japanese street. The photos are continuously updated by our Instagram account and the products sprinkled in-between pay tribute to their surrounding with street inspired graphics and patterns. After each site reload the layout reorders like the fast changing Japanese cityscape.
Not all products may be featured on the top page, find all of them in our shop section.

Tokyo Signs - Website Layout


Join & explore with us by sending us your photo! We’re happy to feature selected visual discoveries by guests on our Instagram account! We’ll credit you with the picture (include your instagram @handle).

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Who We Are


Tokyo Signs is a project run by members of Bento Graphics Inc., a Tokyo-based design and web development studio.


Please refer to the FAQ for questions or send us an email through our contact page.